2021 Earth Day Poster Contest

It is here again! As many students may continue to attend school via distance learning schedules we want to assure you that there will be no interruption of the Annual Earth Day Poster Contest! This is an opportunity for your students to get creative and reinforce the many ways to care for our earth and environment.

Last year we had entries emailed, posted on Facebook, picked up at schools, and even snail-mailed to our office. This year – adapting to the “New Normal” – we will not be distributing art papers. Instead, we ask that students use any paper they have on hand, using all their creative might (and that is mighty).  Students can draw, paint, and collage to show how they have been helping our world by recycling at home!

Winners will be selected from each school as well as an honorable mention.

We would be happy to ZOOM into your class to show a 90 second video about recycling and to encourage students’ creative efforts. Let us know a good day and time; our Recycling Education Coordinator, Leesa Klotz, would love to drop by and say HI!  We can’t wait to see students’ creativity.

Contest Details:

  • Due date is April 14th.
  • Students should include their name, grade level, teacher’s name, and the school they attend on the back of the poster.
  • The Earth Day Poster Contest is open to all grades K-6 at schools in our residential service areas.
  • We will NOT be distributing art submission forms to schools.
  • Students are to use what is on hand and are encouraged to take a recycle-minded approach of using household items if possible.
  • Posters can be any size, shape, and use any art supplies including paint, markers, color pencils, collage, etc.
  • If your classroom meets in person, you may leave your posters at the school office. Our Recycling Education Coordinator, Leesa will drop-by and pick them up.

If you are distance learning and not in the classroom, you may take a photo of your poster and email it to us at postercontest@cal-waste.com.

Students should include their name, grade level, teacher’s name, and the school they attend in the email.

2021 Earth Day Video Contest

Middle school (7th and 8th grade) has been asked to bump-up their creativity and submit a 60 second Earth Day video rather than a poster.

  • Due date is April 14th.
  • Include name, grade level,  teacher’s name, and the school in the email!
  • Video files are to be uploaded and emailed to postercontest@cal-waste.com.
  • Include a completed Video Release form for anyone under 18 that is in the video.

Winners will be selected from each school as well as an honorable mention.

We would be happy to ZOOM into your class to show a 90 second video about recycling and encourage students’ creative efforts. Let us know a good day and time; our Recycling Education Coordinator, Leesa Klotz, would love to drop by and say HI!  Leesa can’t wait to see students’ creativity.

Questions, contact Leesa @ leesaklotz@cal-waste.com or call 209-744-9530.

2020 Earth Day Poster Contest

GRAND PRIZE WINNER: Nathalie O., Marengo Ranch Elementary, Imel, 3rd Grade

It Is With Great Pleasure That Cal-Waste Announces The 2020 Earth Day Poster Contest Winners!

This year, under special circumstances, we extended our contest and submissions were accepted in what ever means the artwork could arrive. We picked up at schools, some dropped off at our office, others submitted online, Facebook, and by mail! Posters arrived from students and teachers throughout our local area. Posters were reviewed by three judges, an artist, a student, and our education coordinator. Six posters were selected and sent to the Cal-Waste corporate office to be voted on by the staff.  I congratulate everyone for their creativity, focus on our environment, and sharing with others the benefits of recycling. Yes, each and every person can, and does, make a difference. Today, you all were the difference that connected us together and made this poster contest happen!

Cheers and congratulations to everyone! 

Leesa Klotz, Education Coordinator

Congratulations To All Of Our Participating School Winners!

Cali W., Marengo Ranch Elementary, Parker, 2nd Grade
« of 11 »

Let’s give a big round of applause to…

Madeline C., Vernon E. Greer Elementary, Crager, 1st Grade

Addison S., Albert Michelson Elementary, Kryst, 1st Grade

Cali W., Marengo Ranch Elementary, Parker, 2nd Grade

Rylie, San Andreas Elementary, Koppers, 2nd Grade

Azhieni, Valley Springs Elementary, Walls, 2nd Grade

Tessa R., Mokelumne HIll Elementary, Boitano, 4th Grade

Allison R., River Oaks Elementary, Dawley, 4th Grade

Aubrey L., Jenny Lind Elementary, Domingo, 5th Grade

Daphne N.M., Lake Canyon Elementary, 5th Grade

Max H., Heritage Elementary, Jacinto, 5th Grade

Marion J., San Andreas Elementary, Pagett, 6th Grade

We are already looking forward to next year’s Earth Day Poster Contest!

Cal-Waste in the Classroom

Cal-Waste is proud of our Close the Loop: Understanding the Waste Cycle recycling education program. This outreach is designed for local schools grades two through four, containing lessons and activities aimed to share with students how to become better environmental citizens. After all, we each have an active role to play in dealing with waste issues, from reduction to disposal.

Each session includes a chapter summary defining clear objectives, outline of concepts and skills addressed, list of materials provided, lesson procedure, and pre/post -visit activities. All sessions are designed to easily integrate into your current curriculum, and apply to a variety of subject matters areas (e.g. math, social studies, language and fine arts).

In each lesson, students will use their core academic skills to demonstrate their knowledge of recycling and the environmental cycle. We will learn about natural resources, MRF (Material Recovery Facility), landfills, waste-to-energy plants and the role each plays in managing solid waste. Students will be encouraged to discuss these methods of managing the waste stream and explore the ways in which people, as individuals, can have a positive impact on reducing waste and its effects on the environment. Through a variety of creative activities each student will learn how fun and easy it can be to help the environment.

In developing this program, teachers have contributed their ideas and tested the effectiveness of the lessons in classrooms and afterschool workshops. Their early assistance and ongoing feedback has helped ensure the curriculum’s continuing integrity.

By learning about an integrated waste disposal system and the 3 R’s of recycling (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) students realize their own actions and individual choices can make a positive difference in the world. Perhaps this is the most valuable lesson.

As members of the communities we serve, we believe in school involvement and welcome the opportunity to support your educational endeavors. Click here to schedule an appointment today.

Don’t Waste Our Future

Cal-Waste is proud to have produced this amazing video with the help of Robert Solari and children from our local school district. Educating our future recyclers is key to our mission. Click the red button and check it out now!

Or watch it on YouTube here.


Cal-Waste Vocational Scholarship Winners for the 2019 School Year


Galt High School (GHS): Marco Antonio Alvarez comes highly recommended by Derek Silva the GHS FFA advisor and Heavy/Diesel Mechanics and Small Gas Machines department.   Marco’s focus will be on becoming an Electrician.

Liberty Ranch High School (LRHS): Maggie Cabral was personally recommended by Mandy Garner Ag Department Chair and FFA advisor from LRHS. This application is for trade school as an esthetician, building a hands-on career that will support her in the future.  Maggie is one of 5 children building her future through vocational training.

Cal-Waste Recovery Systems vocational scholarships are intended to provide financial assistance to students who will enroll in an accredited technical or vocational career program at a vocational training school or community college.
Eligible students will enroll in a program leading to a certificate or degree, and will plan to go directly into employment in that field upon completion of the program. Examples of applied science and vocational programs include but are not limited to: Heavy Machinery, Diesel Mechanics, Welding, Automotive Technology, Electrical, and other applied science, technology and agricultural areas or business courses supporting these fields. The scholarships are primarily need-based rather than grade-based. The scholarships are not intended for general academic pursuits or students intending to transfer to four-year colleges, or for graduate degrees.

Up to 4 (four) scholarships will be awarded to, one to each school: Galt, Liberty Ranch, Calaveras, Bret Harte high schools in the amount of $500 for full-time students. The award will be paid to the student upon confirmation of enrollment. Scholarship funds are intended to support the vocational educational goals of the recipient and may be used for tuition or other expenses incurred in pursuit of the educational program.

-High school seniors who will graduate in June, 2019 and will enroll in a career/vocational program in Fall of 2019.
-Returning students: individuals with high school degrees who have been out of school and are returning to pursue a career/vocational education.

All applicants must enroll in no fewer than 6 units and intend to remain enrolled in 6 units or more for the full 2019-2020 academic year in an accredited career/vocational program.

The Cal-Waste Recovery Systems Vocational Scholarship Program is not open to the children or grandchildren of employees, management or owners of Cal-Waste Recovery Systems or any of its subsidiary organizations or divisions.

2016 Teen Art Exhibit

Dave and Kandy Vaccarezza and the Cal-Waste Team are proud sponsors of this great event where teen artists have created powerful and poignant pieces depicting what it’s like to be a teenager in today’s world.

Read this great Lodi News Sentinel article about the exhibit by clicking here.

Teen Perspective Art Exhibit