IMPORTANT: Food Waste should continue to go in your TRASH CART or CAN at this time.  We will update you as soon as your curbside collection process changes.  Food Waste should NOT be in your YARD WASTE cart.

Senate Bill 1383 has been widely covered in the media as it comes into effect January 1, 2022. The Cal-Waste Team wants to assure all residential customers that they will receive advance notice of any changes to their service.  The governing bodies in each jurisdiction are working with Cal-Waste to come to an agreement on what collection programs best suit their community’s needs, respectively.  There is no need to change your current waste sorting practices at home.


In 2016, Governor Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 1383 into law, establishing methane emissions reductions that include:
·        A 50% reduction of organic waste disposal by 2020, and 75% by 2025.

·        Rescuing at least 20% of currently disposed surplus food to be provided to food-insecure people, by 2025.

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This law, SB 1383, focuses on diverting food waste and organics from landfills, and it is enforced by CalRecycle, the State’s enforcement agency for solid waste legislation. CalRecycle requires all jurisdictions to bear the responsibility for compliance with these emission reduction targets.  Cal-Waste is working in partnership with each jurisdiction to develop these programs. 


The team at Cal-waste, intends to provide prompt, safety-minded compliance to all of our customers as a result of State mandated legislation. We will continue to update you on our plans for compliance.


For more information regarding SB 1383 please visit CalRecycle’s designated webpage here.