Important Battery Disposal Information

Help Us Avoid Fires In Our Trucks And At Our Materials Recovery Facility… Dispose of Your Household Batteries in the Collection Bin Located in the Parking Lot at the Galt Police Department!


BATTERIES ARE HIGHLY FLAMMABLE! To protect our employees, avoid the risk of fire in our collection trucks, and prevent fire in our MRF, we ask that you PLEASE USE THE NEW BATTERY COLLECTION RECEPTACLE in the Galt Police Department Parking Lot. Please do not place any batteries in Cal-Waste’s collection carts. Household alkaline batteries (including A, AA, AAA, C, D, 6-volt and 9-volt), cell phones, smartphones, iPods and other mp3 players, and their chargers are collected in clear plastic zip-lock bags and can be dropped off free of charge at the: Elk Grove Special Waste Collection Center.

In addition to the risk of fire, California environmental laws dictate that household batteries can’t be taken to the landfill. This Special Battery Collection Receptacle was purchased with a grant from CalRecycle. The City of Galt is anticipating placing an additional bin on the northeast side of town. Please remove all batteries from storage bags. Only household batteries may be placed in the bin; no automotive or motorcycle batteries are allowed.

Trash and Recycling collection and Yard and Garden Waste collection services for Cal-Waste’s residential customers in the City of Galt includes once-a-week curbside collection using the three-cart system.

Carts are available in a variety of sizes, including:

  • 38-Gallon Gray Cart for Trash – Once a Week
  • 64-Gallon Gray Cart for Trash – Once a Week – *Most Popular Size*
  • 96-Gallon Gray Cart for Trash – Once a Week
  • 96-Gallon Blue Cart for Recycling – Every Other Week
  • 96-Gallon Green Cart for Green Waste – Every Other Week

To inquire about additional cart size options available to you, please contact the City Of Galt at (209)366-7150.

Recycling and Green Waste scheduled collection services are provided every other week on an alternating fixed schedule. Click here to view the schedule for your area.

You may also request a Collection Calendar by contacting us, and we’ll be happy to send you one via mail or email.

Acceptable and Unacceptable Materials List

Your community uses a Big BLUE cart for recycling. Click Here for blue cart do’s and don’ts. For a Spanish version, click here.

Additional services are available upon request, including:

Handy Hauler

The Handy Hauler is conveniently sized at 3.5 cubic yards, and now you get one free each year!  The small, loose items you used to have to bag up for collection in a Large Item Pick Up will now go into the Handy Hauler.

These include:

  • Green Waste
  • Tree Trimmings
  • Clothing
  • Toys
  • Books
  • Light household items such as dishes and picture frames
  • Light construction debris such as scrap lumber and carpet remnants.

What is NOT acceptable is:

  • Dirt
  • Rock
  • Concrete
  • Tile
  • Tires other than bicycle
  • Electronics of any kind
  • Any single item weighing more than 50 pounds
  • Unacceptable items are not limited to what are listed here.

The container will be set at the curb in front of your home for up to four days, and it must remain perpendicular to the curb.  Please fill it only to the top edge of the container.









If you live in a mobile home park, the Handy Hauler will be placed in your parking stall.

If you find you have more small debris than will fit into a single Handy Hauler, you can save money by paying for the unit to be emptied and left behind for as long as 10 days.  Simply call our office to make arrangements and to receive pricing as this service is prepaid.

Large Item Pick Up

(Formerly Referred to as Bulky Waste Pick Up)

In addition to one Handy Hauler, each resident has available to them one free Large Item pick up each year.  With 3.5 cubic yards to work with, this service is dedicated to items larger than will fit inside of the Handy Hauler including:

  • Furniture
  • Large exercise machines
  • E-waste

An example of an acceptable Large Item pick up is a loveseat, side chair and a dishwasher.  In most cases, three large items will make up 3.5 cubic yards.





Items that are not acceptable in the Large Item pick up are:

  • Loose Debris
  • Yard Waste
  • Tree Trunks
  • Rock
  • Concrete
  • Dirt

Unacceptable items are not limited to this list, so please call Customer Service with any questions at 209-369-6887.  All unacceptable items will be left behind.

Debris Boxes

Cal-Waste offers 10- to 40-cubic yard Debris Boxes for projects of all sizes. View our available sizes by visiting our Debris Boxes page, then call our knowledgeable Customer Service representative to determine your specific needs! Call (209) 369-6887.