Additional Information

If you would like additional information, please call Cal-Waste at (209) 369-6887, (209) 795-1532, or (916) 354-4154 and speak with one of our Customer Service Representatives.

What Areas Do You Service?

Cal-Waste provides commercial and industrial collection services in most areas of Calaveras, Alpine, Sacramento and San Joaquin Counties. We also provide residential collection in the cities of Angels Camp, Arnold, Bear Valley, Copperopolis, Galt, Lake Tulloch, Mokelumne Hill, Murphys, Rancho Calaveras, Rancho Murieta, San Andreas, Valley Springs, West Point and Woodbridge. Contact us for specific information for your area.

Who Do I Call To Start Service?

To start your residential, commercial or industrial service, please call the contact the number listed below for your specific service area.


Alpine County/Bear Valley (209) 795-1532
Angels Camp (209) 795-1532
Arnold (209) 795-1532
Avery (209) 795-1532
Burson (209) 795-1532
Calaveras (209) 795-1532
Copperopolis (209) 795-1532
Dorrington (209) 795-1532
Douglas Flat (209) 795-1532
Galt (209) 369-6887
Hathaway Pines Mountain Ranch (209) 795-1532
Lake Tulloch (209) 795-1532
Mokelumne Hill (209) 795-1532
Murphys (209) 795-1532
Railroad Flat (209) 795-1532
Rancho Murieta (916) 354-4154
San Andreas (209) 795-1532
Sheep Ranch (209) 795-1532
Vallecito (209) 795-1532
Valley Springs/Rancho Calaveras (209) 795-1532
Wallace (209) 795-1532
West Point (209) 795-1532
Wilseyville (209) 795-1532
Woodbridge (209) 369-6887

Can I Have Additional Carts?

Our residential 3-cart program provides one cart each for trash, mixed recycling, and yard and garden waste. You may upsize your standard trash cart to either 64 gallons or 96 gallons for an additional monthly fee. Additional recycling and yard and garden carts are available for an additional monthly fee. Contact our customer service department for options available in your area at (209) 369-6887 or (209) 795-1532.

What Are The Terms Of Your Contract?

Simply stated, our ‘‘No Strings Attached’’ Agreement for commercial and industrial services is not a binding contract at all. It does not have a fixed term with automatic renewals, like most of our competitors require, and there are no termination penalties. Our Agreement says that if at any time you are dissatisfied with our service, you may call and cancel, and we will promptly pick up our equipment with no penalties.


How Do You Charge For Your Services?

Our trash hauling rates are established based upon a combination of factors which include: the customer’s location, the size of the container, the frequency of service, the density of your waste composition and, lastly, local landfill disposal rates. We evaluate each individual customer and establish their rate accordingly. We also promise to notify you in advance and in writing anytime there is a need to increase the rates. To better understand your specific service choices and their rates, call us at (209) 369-6887.

What Are My Payment Options?

At Cal-Waste, you have the option of paying by cash, check, credit card or by electronic banking for services. Direct debit or credit card payments can be arranged either online HERE or by calling our office at (209) 369-6887.


Does My Business Have Any Special Recycling Opportunities?

Learning which recycling alternatives are available to your business can help you control costs. Cal-Waste offers a FREE on-site waste-stream audit to identify what recycling options are available to you. Contact Us to schedule an appointment today.

Why is There Time to Tag a Cart, but not Time to Move it to a Serviceable Location?

In order for our automated residential collection program to operate efficiently and help control rates, we require customers to follow some guidelines. Each waste cart must be placed with 3’ clearance on all sides and 6’ from vehicles and all other obstacles. If a route driver finds a cart that is not placed to these requirements, he will re-position the cart and dump it, leaving a service tag reminding the customer of the wastecart placement rules. After the driver has tagged and dumped the same customer three times for incorrect cart placement, he will tag the cart but not dump it.


Can I Sign Up for Service Online?

Yes! If you live in Calaveras County, you can visit our web store and start service online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Click here if you are a Calaveras County resident and want to set up service online.

If you live in another area that we service and want to become a Cal-Waste customer, please click here. Our customer service staff will promptly call you back to help determine your specific needs and schedule delivery of equipment to your site.