Culture & Benefits

A Family of Families

Cal-Waste celebrates a company culture where employees are treated like family.  The Vaccarezzas are not the only multigenerational family at Cal-Waste; there are many families that work at Cal-Waste, which stands as a testament to the tight knit culture.  Our vision of Giving More Than We Take fosters an environment where employees feel connected to the communities we serve both in their regular work and outside of work in their everyday life.  Cal-Waste proudly employs a diverse work force that share in the appreciation for positive work relationships and an open-door policy.

Cal-Waste Core Competencies
  • Safety – We hold safety as the highest priority; for our communities, our coworkers, and ourselves.


  • Community – We communicate and operate in a way that fosters community for positive changes and growth. We are in touch with our communities on every aspect, from the people we serve to the people that wear Cal-Waste on their shirts every day.


  • Stay in Touch – We will never lose sight of the human in touch in how we value and interact our customers and each other.


  • Stay in Tune – We have a strong confidence in how we perform our work and how we work as a team. If we feel there is something awry that puts safety or productivity in jeopardy, then we communicate the apparent hazard properly.


  • Pride – We execute every task, every project, and every day to the fullest of our abilities, knowing we contributed to a greater good and a positive step forward.
Starting Benefits Program for All Opportunities
  • Medical Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • 401(k) Employer Matching
  • Vacation, Sick Leave & Holidays
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