Meet The Team

Meet our team who lead the way in our culture of commitment to our customers, partners, and fellow team members.
Dave Vaccarezza

2nd Generation Owner  |  Chief Executive Officer

Dave, like his sons, and his father and uncle before him, has held every position possible in the waste hauling industry.  At a young age of 27, Dave took over the family business when his father passed away unexpectedly.  Since then, he’s fearlessly led the company through decades of success.


The culture of the company starts with Dave, who makes every single employee feel like a part of the Cal-Waste family.  Dave has a tradition of personally handing the keys of a newly acquired operation equipment over to the respective Cal-Waste employee who’s going to be using it on a regular basis.  The ceremonious handoff of the keys is just one example of how he takes great pride in the people that work for him and his expectation that those people will take great pride in their work.

Casey Vaccarezza

3rd Generation Owner  |  Director of Operations

Casey, the older of Dave’s two sons, came back to work for the family company after college as a driver in the Operations Department.  Soon he became a Lead Driver, then Supervisor, and now oversees all operations.  The day to day operations of what we do start and end with Casey.

Rudy Vaccarezza

3rd Generation Owner  |  Director of Business Development

Rudy, the younger of Dave’s two sons, also came back to work for the family business after graduating college.  Overseeing the Sales Team, Recycling Education Programs, community activism and engagement, and future ventures are just some of his responsibilities.

MaryBeth Ospital

Director of Brand & Outreach

MaryBeth has been with Cal-Waste for over 9 years.  Her passion for connecting with the communities we serve is integral to the culture of Cal-Waste.  Through event sponsorships, volunteered time, donations, classroom visits, and more; MaryBeth has shared the value of recycling and striving for zero waste with countless individuals.

Cal_Waste_Staff_0022_Jack Fiori
Jack Fiori

Chief Administrative Officer

Jack is an encyclopedia of all things Cal-Waste; from contracts, to community outreach, to ever changing compliance standards, and so much more, he has lived it, documented it, and cataloged it in his 32 years with Cal-Waste.  If Dave had an official “Number 2” or “Right-Hand Man” it would be Jack.

Cal_Waste_Staff_0013_Ken Kimmel
Ken Kimmel

Director of Operations

Ken has lead operations in the Calaveras region for years before being moved to the Cal-Waste Headquarters in Galt.  With his sons working as drivers and mechanics, his family is one of many that have numerous members that work at Cal-Waste.  Ken takes great pride in maintaining the Cal-Waste fleet.

Cal_Waste_Staff_0001_Todd Snider
Todd Snider

Director of Business Solutions

Todd facilitates and ensures the success of the organization. Excellent service, efficient and effective processes, and a culture of success are some of the Cal-Waste standards that Todd commits himself to and instills in his team. He attributes his team’s success to their caring mind set for Cal-Waste customers as well as their fellow team members. When he’s not problem solving and inspiring curiosity at Cal-Waste, he enjoys spending time with his family and being active in or around water.